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Inadequate Party Wall Surveyor

A problem with inadequate Party Wall Surveyors

 If a complex situation arises, for example defining a dispute with no case law history, a wrongly informed decision could cause major financial, stress and time difficulties to appointing owners.  Two experienced Chartered Construction Professionals with subject degrees can be relied upon to advise and determine ethically, experimentally, fairly, impartially and knowledgeably and the advice and determinations are backed up by their professional complaints procedure and their professional indemnity insurance.  However if one surveyor is inadequately qualified the other surveyor can not rely upon their judgement or ability.  Once a dispute arises that is not a problem as long as the third surveyor is a Chartered Construction Professional.  However the problem arises when determining if a dispute has arisen and whether the surveyors have jurisdiction.  In this scenario Bruce would advise Surveyors not to rely on an inadequately qualified surveyor but insist that appropriate notices are served.  This is vital as the owners will be considered to have carried out due diligence and therefore will be responsible for costs and fees which arise from example court action.

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Bruce Spenser MSc LCGI
Bruce Spenser MSc LCGI