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Satirical advice to aspirant Party Wall Surveyors who are being led astray

The young, uneducated and inexperienced can be led astray by those seemingly offering easy routes to degree and Chartered status; Join us they say and you can utilise Chartered and Degree post nominal letters after your name “Anyone can be a Party Wall Surveyor”

But beware when you enter and join this make-believe world of the fantasists; the lack of qualitative and quantitative reasoning will be exposed as worthless opinions as you attempt to put this nonsensical theory into practice. As you skim the surface of reality and remove abstract layers which seem to serve your current situation your positions and confusions will become increasingly absurd.

As you sink deeper into this fairy tale land you may even reach a Don Quixote advanced stage when you can grandly hypothesise that a wall, as allowed by the act, can not only be raised upwards but of course can be raised downwards and with this pronouncement you will be elevated to a Fellow and possibly mounted on your very own Rocinante!

And, of course, once you have succumbed to using one set of Non Privy Council post nominal letters you will find it easier to use more and your ethics may be irretrievably harmed.

However, I would strongly recommend that you take a CIOB  etc degree and then follow their routes to Chartered Status – it may take a while longer but the foundations, special or not, will ensure your stability.

(1) The author is expressing views and engaging in public debate in a satirical manner as he considers that non Chartered Construction Professional should not practice as Party Wall Surveyors

Party Wall Surveyor serving Thanet and London

Third Surveyor serving England and Wales

Bruce Spenser MSc LCGI
Bruce Spenser MSc LCGI