Party Wall Surveyor

Party Wall Surveyor If a dispute arises under the act a Party Wall Surveyor must be appointed as per Section 20 of the Act – the act and its spirit require that the Party Wall Surveyor is: Chartered Competent Non-partisan Honest Ethical Academically qualified and experienced to a minimum BSc degree in Building Surveying Valid… Continue reading Party Wall Surveyor

Should you challenge a Party Wall Award?

Image of Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB

Should you challenge a Party Wall Award? Why should you if you and the other party are honest, reasonable people who do not wish to obstruct lawful rights, have both appointed Chartered Construction Professionals as your Surveyors, who in turn have experientially (not naively) selected a Third Surveyor – therefore don’t as there will be… Continue reading Should you challenge a Party Wall Award?

What is a Party Wall

What is a Party Wall – Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB The government has produced a booklet Section 20 of the act interprets “party fence wall” means a wall (not being part of a building) which stands on lands of different owners and is used or constructed to be used for separating such adjoining lands, but… Continue reading What is a Party Wall

Boundary Disputes

Settling of boundary disputes with the Party Wall Act This post has emerged following a phone call this morning. Facts: Party Fence Wall/Fence in place – no dispute exists.  Notices served, surveyors appointed, award in place, extension built by Building Owner on Party Wall.  A year later Building Owner places fence in line with outer… Continue reading Boundary Disputes

Type A & B Party Walls

Type A & B Party Wall Beware the loss of your property rights by incompetent Party Wall Surveyors incorrectly advising what is a Type B Party Wall A type B Party Wall is a wall (or part of a wall) which is legally owned by two owners. A wall which has been enclosed upon without… Continue reading Type A & B Party Walls

Type B Party Wall

Type B Party Wall The Party Wall Act can not be used to legalise trespass  – The Type B Party Wall A building is a structure with roof and walls;  A Building is owned by an owner.  A part B party wall separates two buildings owned by different owners but does not stand on the… Continue reading Type B Party Wall