Stone work survey

Stone Work Survey Stone will deteriorate by acid attack: CO2 in air when dissolved in rain water forms a weak acid solution, Sulphur dioxide SO2 formed when sulphur is burned in the air mixes easily with rain water and forms Sulphurous acid H2SO3) Nitrogen Oxides from car exhaust and power stations are other culprits –… Continue reading Stone work survey

Valuation Survey

Valuation Surveys Bruce includes free complimentary Valuation data with his offer and the following complimentary valuation data with his unique Combined Structural, Building & Home Survey: Price per M2 and Ft2 and average comparable price per M2 and Ft2 in area Similar properties sold in area over last 18 months Date and price when property… Continue reading Valuation Survey

Pests Survey

Pest Survey Are Bees, pigeons, rodents, insects within or affecting the property?

Fire Survey

Fire Survey Is the property fire safe and compliant with relevant Fire Regulations?

Decoration survey

Decoration Survey Blistering, Flaking, peeling, cracking, chalkyness, mould, blackspot, wrinkling, yellowing, rotting, uncovered all are signs which need to be investigated and resolved.