Salts Survey

Salts survey The periodic table is composed of groups (the columns) which equate to the free electrons in the outer shell of elements – 1 on the left and 8 on the right.  It is also composed of periods (rows).  The elements closes to the left and the right (except for column 8 – the Noble Gasses)… Continue reading Salts Survey

Pigeons Survey

Pigeon survey Pigeons are a very serious health hazard and they will infest lofts – they cause histoplasmosis, cryptococcus and pisttacosis


Phlogiston – reality survey 1666 – Becher proposes that things are made to burn by a fire element 1703 Stahl names it phlogiston 1754 Black describes fixed air (CO2 dissolved in water – gasses dissolve in water and create acids!!) 1766 – Cavendish reports to the Royal Society that metals zinc, iron and tin generate… Continue reading Phlogiston

Non Traditional Design Building Survey

Non-traditional design building survey The Historical Problems of Pre-Fabricated Building – Steel, Concrete and Timber Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB Contents During the mid-war period the government encouraged housing boom led to new forms of construction, some of which purposely mirrored the traditional stocks of the time; two of these forms, concrete and steel frame, have… Continue reading Non Traditional Design Building Survey

Japanese Knotweed – Fallopia Japonica Survey

Japanese knotweed survey The pictures demonstrate how invasive  this is: On a recent trip to Aubusson, France I noted that the river side had been collonised with Japanese Knotweed – I also noted the novel way of dealing with the problem:  Post in Goats and let them graze it away

Gas Testing Survey

Gas Testing survey It would be unprofessional for me to test the gas installation and boiler as I am not certified as per regulatory requirements – however you can be assured that I will advise you minimally as follows: 1.      The heating and hot water system should be checked before purchase (and thereafter regularly)  by a Corgi,… Continue reading Gas Testing Survey

Electrical Survey

Electrical Survey Electrical Survey – Prior to use a NICEIC registered engineer should be commissioned to provide an electrical condition report which will advise of anything that veers from regulations and categorise its urgency from 1-4 (urgent).  You should ensure you utilise the most cost effective tariff.

Dry Rot (serpula Lacrymans) Survey

Dry Rot – Serpula Lacrymans naturally occurs and when it finds the right conditions it will flourish and produce enzymes in order to break wood down and grow – Damp and dark it loves – just like the fungi it is