Efflorescence survey

Efflorescence is caused by salts within a material rising to the surface because of damp and capileration and being left on the surface because of evaporation

Invasive v non-invasive Building surveys

Invasive v non-invasive survey The survey offered will be non-invasive and will advise of the adequacy of a property.  An invasive survey may break into the fabric of a property and the property may require monitoring over time.

Adequacy of Property Survey

Adequacy of property survey Structural Surveyors determine the adequacy of a property by surveying their: Stability Strength Robustness Ductility Geometric permanence Stiffness Dynamic Response Resistance to fire and other accidental loading Weather-tightness Durability Apparent condition

Fe = Iron Survey

FE – Iron Survey FE = Iron Rust – iron + water + oxygen    →    hydrated iron(III) oxide = FE3+ When FErrous come into contact with oxygen and water they Rust ·         Iron + Carbon = Steel ·         Steel + Concrete = two materials with the same coefficient of expansion = re-inforced concrete = sky scrapers Protection… Continue reading Fe = Iron Survey

Functions of Elements Survey

Functions of Elements survey Functions of Elements: Strength, Stability, Weather tightness, Thermal, Sound, Durability and Maintenance, Fire, Habitability, sustainability, hygiene

Electron Movement, chemical bonding, ionic bonding and transfer Survey

Electron movement, chemical bonding, ionic bonding and transfer survey Electron Movement, chemical bonding, ionic bonding and transfer: Electricity, within central heating systems (Ion exchange to remove/break down/prevent scale), Electro Magnetic fields, Chemical reactions ( CO2 – Carbonation, Lime, Plaster – O2 – rust, H2O Hydration, damp, rot, Sulphate attack – stacks, flues and brickwork, Thaumasite, Ettringite, Alkali-silica… Continue reading Electron Movement, chemical bonding, ionic bonding and transfer Survey

Conduction, convection and radiation Survey

Conduction, convection & radiation survey Conduction, convection and radiation –  The transfer of energy through the various states of matter; liquid, solids and gasses, and vacuums affect the building and occupants as follows:  Thermal gain and loss, sustainable construction, Building Regulation compliance, Condensation and interstitial condensation, Building position and orientation, Light, shade, plant growth, mould, fungi,… Continue reading Conduction, convection and radiation Survey